The Trump Timeline

April 7, 2017

Eyewitness says Syrian military anticipated U.S. raid

As Trump Defends O'Reilly, Fox Uses 'Access Hollywood' Tape in Harassment Seminars

Russian military says only 23 of 59 US cruise missiles reached Syrian air base

April 6, 2017

Devin Nunes Steps Away From Russia Election Probe

Republicans nuke Supreme Court filibuster to squeeze through Gorsuch

April 4, 2017

UAE Set Up Secret Meeting Between Trump Donor and Putin Confidant

DeVos's brother tried to open back channel between Trump, Russia: report

April 2, 2017

White House pulled out of meet and greet with "conservatives favorite Russian" over suspected mob ties

April 1, 2017

Trump says US is ready to act alone on North Korea

March 31, 2017

Michael Flynn's request for immunity in Trump-Russia investigation 'rejected by Senate committee'

Flynn seeking protection before possible testimony on Russia meddling

March 30, 2017

Is Nunes Toast? White House Struggles to Explain Who Leaked Intelligence

REPORT: Michael Flynn has agreed to be interviewed by the FBI in exchange for immunity

March 28, 2017

Trump Attacks Clinton On Twitter

March 27, 2017

Nunes Made Secret Trip to White House Complex for Wiretap "Evidence"

Russia probe in turmoil as top Dem calls for Nunes' recusal

March 27, 2017

Why Republicans dutifully defend Trump's most ridiculous lies

Everyone is laughing at Fox News for its 'alert' about Trump working from the White House

March 26, 2017

Trump Blames Democrats, Far Right For Health Care Defeat

Trump will look to recover from his worst week yet as president

March 25, 2017

The buck stops with Trump

March 24, 2017

House GOP abruptly scraps health care vote

March 23, 2017

Inside Paul Ryan's tense meeting with moderates

March 23, 2017

McCain: Nunes' action as intelligence committee chair "very disturbing"

FBI's Russia probe threatens a reckoning for team Trump

March 22, 2017

House Russia probe in chaos over news Trump found in foreign surveillance reports

House Intelligence Committee member on the Russia-Trump investigation: 'There is more than circumstantial evidence now'

March 22, 2017

GOP Obamacare repeal bill betrays key Trump campaign promise

Republicans lied about healthcare for years, and they're about to get the punishment they deserve

March 21, 2017

Exclusive: Trump Sics Lawyers on Teen for Making Silly Site Where Kittens Punch Him

Twisting arms for Obamacare repeal, Trump warns Republicans the voters are watching

March 21, 2017

Will there be war with North Korea? Pyongyang issues new threat to Trump administration

Why the Trump-Russia Nightmare Will Only Get Worse

March 20, 2017

James Comey confirms FBI investigation into possible Trump-Russia connections

Trump's Weary Defenders Face Fresh Worries

March 20, 2017

The Trump Administration Shot Itself in the Foot. Again.

March 17, 2017

White House and Republicans Admit Russia Isn't "Fake News" After FBI Bombshell

March 17, 2017

Trump to spend 7th consecutive weekend at Trump-branded property, at enormous cost to taxpayers

Justice Department delivers documents on wiretap claim to Congress

March 17, 2017

Trump to Merkel: "Perhaps Obama wiretapped us both"

Hillary Clinton Just Tweeted the Subtlest "I Told You So" and It's Glorious

March 16, 2017

Trump faces major hurdles and his own words in challenging rulings against his new travel ban

March 16, 2017

Trump doesn't deny punishing his base with his health care plan

Trump may have blurted out classified information

March 15, 2017

Hawaii judge puts Trump's revised travel ban on hold

The Lesson of Trump's 1040

March 15, 2017

Johnston Speculates Trump Mailed Him Tax Documents

March 14, 2017

Fact-checking the rhetoric around the GOP health bill

March 14, 2017

The ultra wealthy will get a $207,000 tax cut in the Republican health-care plan

White House: Kellyanne Conway was joking when she talked about microwave surveillance

March 10, 2017

Who's Suing Donald Trump and How Are They Doing It?

Stephen Colbert Does The Real Math On Donald Trump's Promised Border Wall

March 10, 2017

Donald Trump-Russia dossier: Sex act claims are 'absolutely true', claims Democrat congresswoman

Silicon Valley Questions WikiLeaks Founder's Russia Ties

March 9, 2017

Coast Guard will be 'devastated' by cost-cutting to pay for Donald Trump's Mexico wall

"Uh, no": McConnell says Mexico won't pay for Trump's border wall

March 9, 2017

FBI Director James Comey meets with Congress 'Gang of Eight'

Donald Trump could be impeached on four grounds, former Labor Secretary says

March 8, 2017

Could Obama Really Sue Trump for Libel?

The Water Protectors at Standing Rock

March 6, 2017

Trump's Wiretap Tweets Raise Risk of Impeachment

Why Trump's Latest Obama Accusation Could Backfire

March 6, 2017

Ex-CIA director on wiretap claim: Trump apparently Forgot that he was president

WH spokeswoman doesn't think Trump accepts FBI's reported denial of alleged wiretapping

March 6, 2017

Republicans join Democratic call for clarity on Trump abortion order

March 5, 2017

Former Bush AG: Wiretap would mean suspicion of someone acting as Russian 'agent'

March 5, 2017

Trump calls on Congress to probe his evidence-free claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

March 4, 2017

Trump's Wiretapping Claim Based on Warrants Granted to FBI

March 4, 2017

Without evidence, Trump accuses Obama of wire tapping Trump Tower before election

March 3, 2017

Mexican congressman climbs U.S. border fence to illustrate that Trump's wall is 'totally absurd'

March 2, 2017

A Timeline of Jeff Session's Trump Ties and Meetings With Russia

Attorney General Sessions Recuses Himself From Probe of Russian Election Interference

March 2, 2017

Obama Officials Reportedly Left A Trail To Preserve Intel Of Russian Hacking

Trump Administration Repeatedly Denied There Was Any Contact With Russia During Campaign

March 1, 2017

AP FACT CHECK: Trump takes credit he hasn't earned

Trump salute to SEAL widow came after criticizing generals for fatal raid

Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

February 28, 2017

Trump fires back at Pelosi: "We're soon going to have a one-party system"

February 26, 2017

Trump to address nation saddled with record low approval rating: NBC/WSJ poll

February 25, 2017

'Get Used To It': Newspapers Tell President Trump They Won't Be Bullied

Swedish 'national security advisor' interviewed by Fox News not known to Swedish officials: report

February 24, 2017

White House Bars Major News Outlets from Media Gaggle

Devos Questions Free School Lunch

Rep. Jim Himes: Hillary Would Have Faced Impeachment on FBI Contacts

Trump's Deportation Plan Could Cost Taxpayers Half a Trillion Dollars

February 24, 2017

Marijuana Industry Angered by White House Reversal

Trump Hits FBI: Totally unable to stop the national security leakers

February 23, 2017

Trump: 'We're getting really bad dudes out of this country ... and it's a military operation'

February 22, 2017

Mexico says it 'will not accept' Trump's new immigration plans, and it could retaliate

Conservative provocateur James O'Keefe says he plans to leak 'hundreds of hours of tape' in CNN expose

February 22, 2017

Poll: Voters Trust Media, Courts Over Trump

More tests needed on Russian UN ambassador's cause of death

February 21, 2017

Trump's business associates had a plan to offer Crimea to Russia: report

Trump-Putin Bromance: Election Hacking, Oil Drilling

February 20, 2017

Trump's first month of travel expenses cost taxpayers just less than what Obama spent in a year

Trump's Russia scandal takes an unexpected turn

CIA analyst resigns, calls Trump's actions in office 'disturbing'

February 19, 2017

Trump's apparent security faux-pas-palooza triggers call for House investigation

February 18, 2017

Trump's entire campaign was a bait-and-switch: Washington's a mess, and it's all the president's fault

February 15, 2017

Editorial: Pascrell shows the way to Trump's tax returns

February 11, 2017

Grab Them By The Hand: Donald Trump's Disturbing Nonverbal Behavior

February 15, 2017

ANALYSIS: Trump White House Plays Terrorism Blame Game

February 9, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Counseled on Endorsement of Ivanka Trump Brand

Ivanka Trump: Did the President just put the final nail in the brand's coffin?

Trump lashes out at McCain for calling Yemen raid a 'failure'

February 9, 2017

Exclusive - Trump border 'wall' to cost $21.6 billion, take 3.5 years to build: internal report

Sean Spicer on Citing Atlanta Terror Attack That Never Happened: I 'Clearly Meant' Orlando

February 8, 2017

Trump blasts retailer Nordstrom, raising new concern on business ties

A Letter of Apology From Bruce Springsteen for Letting Trump Win

Sean Spicer Slams NBC Reporter on Navy SEAL's Death in Yemen

February 8, 2017

Donald Trump's mocking tweets about Charlie Hebdo resurface after President criticises terrorism coverage

Sean Spicer Defends Trump's Rip on Nordstrom for Dropping Ivanka's Line

February 7, 2017

CNN fires back at Sean Spicer: We have not 'walked back' comments on Kellyanne Conway's credibility

February 6, 2017

'Those are the facts': CNN responds to Kellyanne Conway after she claims she wasn't turned down by the network

February 6, 2017

Donald Trump is systematically attacking every institution which could hold him in check

Today in Trump: February 6, 2017

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