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Giant Bat Spotted in Daylight Skies over Pa!

March 12, 2013

Bats don't usually fly during the daylight. And in Pennsylvania, bats don't usually come this size either, but this monster appeared in the mid-morning skies earlier today.

One local eyewitness with lots of experience observing bats described this particularly large specimen as, "probably the largest bat I have ever seen in this area." Estimates put the creature's wingspan anywhere from 9-12 inches. The top of the wings appeared dark grey while the underside of the bat appeared to be a browninsh colour.

  • Even at an altitude of 25-30 feet, this bat looks huge.
  • cropped photo of last picture
  • bat soars above trees at approximately 50 foot distance.
  • cropped photo of previous picture
  • Bat swoops in low...
  • Large bat with trees in background.
  • Giant bat stretches wings...
  • Monster bat circles, preparing for another pass...
  • Bat flies toward camera...
  • bat shows off huge wings...

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All original images courtesy of Number Seven Studio.

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